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Research, Education and Recreation Center

Oceanarium - Rosario Islands

The Oceanarium Rosario Islands, located on the Island of San Martín de Pajarales, is managed by the Research, Education and Recreation Center CEINER, This organization develops educational and research activities and offers recreation services with the purpose of promoting and developing knowledge, understanding and conservation of marine life and specially the fauna and flora and environment of the Rosario's Coral Reef National Park.

For several years CEINER, with its trained personnel, has developed those activities in coordination with the office of National Parks of the former INDERENA by means of a scientific - technical cooperation agreement. CEINER is also working on the implementation of a management program with the Ministry for the Enviroment.

Today CEINER is working on the development of a new project that will allow it to reach its goals in a complete and transparent manner: bringing the visitor closed to the fabulous and amazing universe of marine life.