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Marine Life - Fish

Coastal Fish: In the oceans we may find marine life that occupy diferent habitats. The coastal environment is visited frequently by fish such as the Tarpon.

In these areas we may also find the Swordfish and rays, fish with soft or cartilaginous skeletons, that live on the ocean floor. The Palometa and Pampano fish are also very common, swimming in schools very close to the beaches.

Coastal Fish Fishs
Fish Angel Reina Reff Fish

Reef Fish: The coral reefs have the enviroments with the greatest variety of species in the marine world. Colorful fish with beautiful shapes live over the delicate bottom of the coral reefs. For example we may find Queen Angels, Butterfly fish and many more.

We may also find in the reefs other species of great size that live on the bottom of the reef such as the Nassau grouper, the Jewfish and the Yellowfin grouper. Finally, we may also find fas swimmers that glide through the coral such as Bar jack, Horse eye jack, and the barracudas.