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Oceanarium Rosario Islands

At the Oceanarium Rosario Islands you can enjoy all the wonders, beauty and color of the marine life in the Rosario's Coral Reef National Park.

A nice guided visit on platforms over the water, will let you see, appreciate and enjoy the wealth of our oceans at the same time that you will be entertained and amused in the midst of a natural environment.


The Museum of Marine Life

Many species, due to their peculiarity and their way of life can not be exhibited alive. The Oceanario Islas del Rosario has an educational museum where they are exhibited and information on their ecology is given.

Diversity of algae, sponges, corals, mollusk, crustaceous, fish, reptiles and marine mammals are presented in this museum through collections, dioramas an informative posters, illustrating the main ecosystems of the area (coral reefs, seagrasses and mangroves). Also indicated are the actions that can be taken to contribute towards its conservation.