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The Rosario Islands were declared a Colombia National Park in 1977 by the State Ecological Authority, then known as: INDERENA, for the purpose of study, protection and preservation. The Park’s coral reefs, sea flora and fauna, mangroves and lagoons contain more than 1,300 species of plants and animals, native to the Islands.

The Natural Park Regulations protect the sea floor and its ecosystem, the islands, wildlife and preserve the overall ecology. Tourists from around the world come to learn, admire and enjoy the natural life of the underwater Natural Park.

Park visitors are encourage to protect the delicate environment by not littering, not buying any animals or plants (dead or alive) and respecting the flora and fauna.

In the Oceanarium Rosario Islands you can enjoy and marvel at the beauty, color and splender of the Natural Park.

Visitors get an 'up close' look at a wide variety of life, from delicate species, such as tiny shrimp, to large cod, and sharks, mythical sea horses, playful dolphins and the endangered giant sea turtle.

Fronting the Bay of Cartagena, through the Canal del Dique, is the Island of Barú. is part of partially landlocked The Natural Park Corales Islas del Rosario. In Barú can visit Playa Blanca, listed among the best beaches in the world.